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Askinosie single origin suklaat on kaikki käsin valmistettu alkuperäiskaakaopavuista ja ne ovat luomutuotantoa. Lajinsa huippua! Valikoima voi vaihdella.


Tumma suklaa 70 % San Jose Del Tambo, EcuadorTumma suklaa 70 % San Jose Del Tambo, EcuadorTumma suklaa 70 % San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador

Tämä suklaa on puhdas, Arriba Nacional alkuperäiskaakaopavuista valmistettu, ainutlaatuinen tuote. Yksinkertainen on kaunista: suklaassa on kolme ainesosaa, kaakaomassa, luomuruokosokeri ja kaakaovoi.

"San Jose Del Tambo, at least 200-years-old, is situated in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It is said that the Quechua Indians used this little village as a resting place before journeying further into the Andes. At Del Tambo, the hills rise sharply until the tops are obscured by low-hanging clouds. The Rio de San Miguela, a fast-flowing river, along with just the right climate provides the land for some of the best cocoa in the world. The centuries famous Ecuador Arriba flavor is found in these beans. This bar has a stout flavor with notes of dried fruit and citrus and hints of coffee.

Bright bergamot, red raspberry, and cardamom with long lasting citrus notes."


Tumma suklaa 70 % Cortés, HondurasTumma suklaa 70 % Cortés, HondurasTumma suklaa 70 % Cortés, Honduras

Myös tämä on alkuperäissuklaa, Cortés-valuista valmistettu, ainutlaatuinen tuote. Puhtaat ainekset sisältävät kaakaomassaa, sokeriruokomehua, kaakaovoita.

"Our newest single-origin dark chocolate bar is made with cocoa beans from Cortés, Honduras. Shawn and Kyle traveled to a Honduran farm run by Fermin Arriaga in fall 2010 to investigate the beans and bring back samples. The farm is just a few miles away from the Port of Cortés, which makes the logistics of shipping cocoa beans much easier for both the farmers and us.

This geographical area has a long history of cocoa farming that dates back to the Mayan civilization; cocoa has its origins in this region. After months of testing and tasting with our "Taste Buds" chocolate tasting group to get the flavors just right, the 70% dark chocolate bars are finally ready for you to taste! The flavor profile of this bar is bright and bold with intense notes of dried fruit and peppery tannins in the finish.

Intriguing bursts of citrus, molasses, peach skin, cinnamon, cedar, and tobacco. Vibrant and tart with a warming bite."


Tumma suklaa 72% Tenende, TansaniaTumma suklaa 72% Tenende, TansaniaTumma suklaa 72% Tenende, Tansania

Tämä Trinitario-pavuista valmistettu suklaa sisältää 72% kaakaomassaa, kaakaovoita (joka puristetaan omassa tehtaassa samoista pavuista), luomuruokosokerin mehua. Sisältää maanläheisiä makuja, jossa on tilkka tupakan ja kuivattujen kirsikoiden makua ja hyvin pehmeä jälkimaku.


• Lingering layers of sweet fruit preserves, oats, and strawberry cheesecake met with red wine tannins and an ultra creamy mouthfeel.





Tumma suklaa 77%, Davao FilippiinitTumma suklaa 77%, Davao FilippiinitTumma suklaa 77%, Davao Filippiinit

Trinitatio-pavuista valmistettu suklaa, jossa vain ja ainoastaan puhtaat ja luonnonmukaiset ainesosat. Askinosien tummista tummin, kaakaota 77%. Myös kaakaovoi puristetaan omassa tehtaassa samoista pavuista.

"The first cacao brought to Asia in 1600 was grown in the Philippines and Askinose is the first chocolate maker to export Filipino cocoa beans in nearly twenty-five years. It rewards the melt-in-your-mouth consumer (don’t chew!) with deep forest flavors, with bacon fat and the type of earthiness occasionally found in rare, old, well-cared-for Cote Rotie wines from the northern Rhone."




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